FORM E - Third party invoicing

To make sure correct FORM E for the cargo import from China to Vietnam, FORM E became a documentation very import to Free or Cut Import Tax for almost the cargo import into Vietnam.

So that, FTI will share how the way to check /show/ revise documentation Set for Standard and Right to Vietnam Customs Rule.

Follow to us bellows: 

Party A: True Buyer in Vietnam            

Party B: Seller, Seller can localte in Hongkong, China or other country in or our side FTA

Party C: Manufacture, it also Shipper or Exporter

In short, this shipment is signed bettewen A & B, C will  manufacture  and delivery  to A directly.So Document will be showed as bellow :   

  1. Invoice – packing list – SC : Bettewnen  A & B, SC shoudl be remarks Exported is C 
  2. Bill of lading : Item 1 : Show C  or B  , Item : Show A
  3. FORM E:

     In maid body of  FORM E, particularly is in Item  7 must  show  two options  :

        Option 1 :  Name of company & address of B ONLY, Kindly ref attached sample picture bellow 

        Option 2 : Show three points  :  Third party invoiced by  / Name of company & address of  B ONLY

          Kindly ref attached sample picture bellow 

Remarks Third Party Invoiced by          

In item 13  : Stick in inbox - Thir party invoicing , 

     Kindly ref attached sample picture bellow 


In item 10  : Show Inovice No & date bettewen A & B.

All info above it's just alillte our share , we will sum and share more exprience for you later.

Best regard !